Graphic revolution Army SPECIAL RELEASE

Mission 01

ukrainian friends task force

All proceeds will be donated to help the Ukrainian people

Live on opensea

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    Ukrainian Friends Task Force is a unique collection of 3333 NFTs created to support the humanitarian emergency caused by the war in Ukraine.

    The collection will is released on the blockchain and it is possible to make a contribution by purchasing one or more NFTs via crypto or credit card directly on Opensea. All the proceeds from the sale of the NFT peace soldiers will be donated to the NGOs who are an active part in the territory affected by the war to provide shelter, food, medical care and all the necessary support.

    how it works

    You can donate buying an NFT directly on Opensea.
    Periodically the donations will be transfer in the ONG partners wallet

    Very common
    • Private soldier - 0,003 ETH
    • Caporal - 0,005 ETH
    • Sergent - 0,01 ETH
    • Marshal - 0,02 ETH
    • Lieutenant - 0,1 ETH
    • Captain - 0,15 ETH
    • Major - 0,2 ETH
    Super Rare
    • Colonel - 0,5 ETH
    • General - 1 ETH

    What is GraphicRevolutionArmy


    The NFT Army collection created to redesign the world

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    +10,000 nft SOLDIERS

    The Graphic Revolution Army is a collection of over 10,000 unique and random generated NFTs on the Polygon blockchain with different degrees, roles and special hierarchies.

    Based on the rarity system, each soldier is unique and with a specific role. From the most common simple soldier up to the ranks of non-commissioned officer and officers headed by a general.

    GraphicRevolutionArmy holders can participate in exclusive events such as free community giveaways, new NFT collections claims, raffles, character design, game and collections production, metaverse world building, and more!

    The Graphic Revolution Army is a unique collection.


    nft soldiers


    Stefano Longo
    Head of Strategy & Development

    nft soldiers


    Miriam Tognella
    Event & Communication Manager

    nft soldiers


    Daniela Primerano
    PR Strategist

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    The NFT Army collection created to redesign the world

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